Our Collections

Front page of The American Journal of Clinical Medicine.The Medical Heritage Libraryis an open-access collection of resources in the history of medicine, public health, and the health sciences, including text, audio, and video. New items are being added all the time and we encourage you to subscribe to ourInternet Archive RSS feedto stay up to date.

We have created subcollections for two particular bodies of material: theAmerican rare historical medical journaland thestate medical society journal collections.

All of this material is fully searchable via the Internet Archive.

We havea Flickr accountwhich collects all the images from all texts in our Internet Archive collection. You can navigate from any given image to its original volume from the image’s Flickr page.

The UK Medical Heritage Library是在伦敦威康图书馆牵头which aims to collect historical medical material from libraries in the UK.

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